Last Day!

Today, I worked on a poster for coach smith. Thanks for having me in class!


What I Did Today

Today I edited a portrait and filled out my leave request form.

Before lindsay_lohan_mean_girls_prem

 After lindsay_lohanafter

What I Did Today

Today, I presented my Guest Blog Post, printed my poster, and printed my letter. I also altered my poster to make one for my sister for her classroom.



What I Did Today

Today, I typed my letter and edited a picture.

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What I Did Today

Today, I worked on my 11×14 project


guest blog post

One of my favorite things I have learned is from the photoshop portrait retouching videos. I learned how to change the color of something, by applying a solid color fill mask, changing the blending mode, inverting it and painting with white. I also learned  how to remove imperfections with the spot healing brush.







I will be gone tomorrow for the baseball games.

What I Did Today

Today, I attended the career center.

WhAt I Did Today

Today, I printed off my work samples and worked on my 11×14 project.


What I Did Today

Today, I worked on my work samples for my folder and my 11×14 project.